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How it Works

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This website is designed to directly connect pre-wedding with wedding vendors who can provide estimates online to earn their business. Vendors can become members of Bids for the Wedding and create a profile. Profiles by a vendor will feature pictures, website address, description of services, contact information, portfolios, testimonials, and user rated feedback. Following the creation of the profile, vendors can find weddings that match their services provided, bid on weddings requested services, sign up for premiere placement and receive lead alerts. Vendor members help to cost-effectively compete with larger operations without having to break their advertising budget.



Weddings, save time and money planning your Big Day! The main benefit offered is the ability to find vendors who match your needs and budget without making 1,000 phones calls and telling each vendor the same information over and over, then waiting for calls back and comparing notes and quotes. The amount of research time and money spent will be reduced by creating a Free Profile and allowing vendors to bid on your event to get the right quality at the best price! The profile you will set up enables vendors to see the city location, date of the wedding, inspiration photos, and services requested with detailed descriptions of what you’re looking for. After a profile is created, you have the ability to search.