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How to Find a Wedding

Make a special day extraordinary

It’s easy for couples to get overwhelmed when they are planning a wedding. Sometimes they might just go with the first wedding photographer or reception venue they find because that’s easiest. But that might not be the best for them. Bid For My Wedding helps couples find you.

On, you can find wedding couples in your area who need your help to make their special day extraordinary.
All you have to do is decide how many weddings you’d like to bid on a month, create a profile that showcases what you do and conveniently book business.

  1. Create an account with and choose the level of your participation.
  2. You can choose a package wih set bids a month depending on how many weddings you’d like to bid on. Keep in mind that just because you bid on a wedding, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the gig.
  3. You select the weddings in your area to bid on.
  4. When your bid for service is selected, you will be able to contact and work directly with the couple.