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About Us was born in Worthington, Ohio. Today an average wedding in Ohio costs about $23,000. Our co-founders, Nauman and Lesley Saeed have two school-age daughters. They worried that when it came time to celebrate their daughters’ weddings, they would not have enough set aside. They imagined that there must be a way to reign in costs so their daughters could have beautiful weddings and keep within their budget. A bidding website seemed a perfect way to connect directly with vendors whose services fall right within their budget.

Having been a small business owner for many years, Nauman also realized the value of creating an easier way for businesses to connect with prospective customers. Advertising can be outside the budget of small enterprises, and with no guaranteed returns. Bid4mywedding made sense because the same website that allows weddings to find vendors who offer services within their price range, also lets those vendors make direct contacts with their customers.

Before this website, building your dream wedding could be a daunting, frustrating task. Our friends and family shared so many stories of the challenges that modern weddings face while planning a wedding; trying to set up meetings with vendors, negotiate prices and find a way to stay within their budget and schedule; often while working or attending classes. The stress and financial strain could create conflicts and take the joy out of planning your Big Day. We hope that this website will be just the tool you need to make this experience as fun and fulfilling as it should be.