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How to Find a Vendor

Your wedding is a celebration of a lifetime

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are so many details to track and people to talk to. Questions like: Am I getting the best deal? Is there another person I should talk to? Should I go to that bridal show? It can all make the wedding-planning process more of a chore when you should be more focused on enjoying your day.
Bid For My Wedding helps bring vendors to you in one convenient location. You can see reviews of vendors, samples of their work, and you set the price range.
Bid For My Wedding brings vendors in your area to you. You detail your needs and then sit back to review offers instead of tediously searching for venues, caterers, florists, photographers, etc. on the Internet and maybe or maybe not having your phone call returned.

How to find a vendor:

  1. You create a totally free profile with Bid For My Wedding. List the services you need and the price range for your budget for each vendor such as photographer, caterer, florist, etc.
  2. Vendors in your area who have an account with us can see your service needs and submit a bid to be your provider.
  3. You select the vendor who best matches your budget and need. After you settle on the final details with the vendor you choose, you’ll work directly with the vendor until your wedding day.