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Question: What is

Answer: is an online service that helps connect vendors to people who want a convenient way to make the wedding-planning process a little easier and find vendors who fit their budget.

Question: How do I find weddings in my area who are bidding?

Answer: When someone who is planning a wedding enters the area where the wedding will be performed, they’ll become visible to your search. You can also keep an eye out for invites directly from couples.

Question: How do I bid on weddings?

Answer: When you see an event where your services are needed, fill out a bid proposal with a price quote and submit it to the bidding couple. Describe why you’re qualified and how you will work with the couple through their preparation and wedding day. If the couples accept your bid, you will then work directly with them.

Question: Can I advertise my services through Bid For My Wedding?

Answer: Get in touch with us at 1-330-554-7117 to learn more about opportunities with us.

Question: How do couples find me on Bid For My Wedding?

Answer: Couples can look for specific vendors in their area on by entering criteria in our search. Also, when you bid on weddings, couples will get a link to your profile page where they can learn more about you.

Question: Do couples pay for my services through Bid For My Wedding?

Answer: They pay you directly.

Question: How do I get in touch with vendors who are bidding?

Answer: Vendors can choose to post their contact information on their profile page. You can contact them during the bidding process or after you’ve accepted their bid.

Question: How do I find the right vendor?

Answer: Think about what you need from a florist, or stylist, or reception venue when you are reviewing bids. Check out each vendor’s profile carefully and read reviews that other couples have posted.

Question: Are the best vendors available through Bid For My Wedding?

Answer: Yes. Our list of vendors in your area is growing all the time. We work hard to make sure wedding photographers, hair stylists, florists and everyone else in the wedding industry knows that couples like you are using Bid For My Wedding to make your special day extraordinary.

Question: If I accept a bid, can I change my mind and go with another vendor?

Answer: That is up to you. Bid4MyWedding bids do not constitute a contract for services.

Question: Will any of my information be sold to third parties?

Answer: We take your privacy very seriously and only the information you choose to share will be visible to service providers or Bid4MyWedding partners.

Question: Is my contract for wedding services with Bid4MyWedding or with the vendor?

Answer: The contract for your vendor service is with the vendor you select. Your profile with Bid4MyWedding is for the purpose of finding a vendor and does not constitute a contract between you and the vendors.

Question: How much does it cost to participate in the bidding?

Answer: You can choose one of three levels: Diamond  -- $150 for 10 bids a month, Gold -- $250 for 20 bids a month or Platinum -- $350 for unlimited bids a month.